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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Make A Charm & Bead Bracelet With Matching Earrings

I have shared a blog with you in which I made a charm bracelet. Today's blog can be seen as a continuation on that one. We take it one step further in today's blog, when we 'weave' beads onto the charm bracelet, although I do start a new charm bracelet from scratch. To top it off, I then make a cute pair of matching earrings for the bracelet.

I had only a tiny piece of chain left over to work with and gathered all of the remnant pieces.

I realized the chain I wanted to use would fit the young recipient at this stage, but that she would need to be able to extend it in years to come. I therefore used a jump ring to connect a finer chain the to main chain as future extension.

I added a single ring to the fine chain to hook the clasp into. This ring can move down the chain as the bracelet needs to be made larger.

On the other end, I used a jump ring to connect a lobster claw clasp to the main chain.

I now had a very basic chain bracelet.

I selected a couple of charms. I would use jump rings to connect these to the main chain.

Spread the charms out and connect them to the bracelet.

I liked the links on the leftover chain and separated them to add these for decorative purposes.

These added chain links gave the bracelet a little more body.

Progress photo. It was now time to start adding the beads.

I cut a piece of thread slightly longer than the bracelet.

I wove the thread through the unused links of the bracelet.

Every so often, I would stop to slip a bead on the thread.

I repeated this until the whole bracelet was beaded.

Ideally, I would have loved to have slipped large crimp beads onto the thread. I would then slip the thread through the last link and back through the crimp bead, before using my pliers to squash the bead flat, securing the thread to the chain. I did not have crimp beads that were large enough to do this and settled for knotting the thread to the chain, a less secure option, that I will fix as soon as the suppliers open again. For this reason, I do not trim the knots.

The bracelet was now done and I put it aside.

Starting on the earring, I use jump rings to connect a charm to each earring hook.

I use the links of the pretty chains once again, connecting them to the same jump rings.

I then find a rise pendant, similar beads and eye pins.

I slip the bead onto the eye pin, followed by the pendant.

I use my round-nosed pliers to bend the end of the pin over, securing the pendant in the newly-formed eye.

The other end of the pin is slipped into the jump ring on the earring, finishing off the earrings.

A pretty set to present to a lucky young lady.

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