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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Jewelry Making: Make A Corded Necklace With A Charm

It is always time for a little jewelry pick-me-up, isn't it? How about taking some fun time out of the day to make yourself a pretty new necklace, complete with a contemporary and unexpected charm? This necklace may appear to be intricate at first glance, but I will show you how easy it is to do in reality. Prepare to dazzle your friends and family!

Start by cutting 2 strings of cord to measure 80 cm each, (or whatever length you find suitable for yourself).

Measure 25 cm from one end and tie a knot at the 25 cm mark.

Do this with the other string as well.

Slide your beads onto the cord. Bead up to the point where you are 25 cm away from the other end of the cord.

Tie a knot 25 cm in from the other end of the cord, which should be where your beading ends.

Do the same thing to the other cord. I added some green beads to this second string, to keep the final product slightly more interesting and varied.

Holding the two strings together, tie knots on both ends to tie the two cords together at each end.

Select a charm/pendant of your liking. Slip a small jump ring through it.

I used a small piece of chain and another jump ring to give the charm a little more movement and length.

Tie the chain to the jump ring on the charm. Slip the second jump ring onto the other end of the chain.

Slip this second jump ring onto the cords at one end of the necklace. It should be stopped by the large beads. If your beads are smaller, slide the jump ring only onto one of the cords so that it is stopped by the joint knot in the cords.

You will now need two crimp bars and one small jump ring.

Make sure that the ends of the cords are the same length.

Slip the ends of the cords into the crimp bar.

Use pliers to crimp the bars shut on both ends of the necklace. Join the two crimp bars with the jump ring. If your necklace is too short to slip over your head, you may wish to add a second jump ring and a clasp, to allow the chain to open or close.

You will now have a pretty cord necklace with a surprising charm on one end. Enjoy the party!

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