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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Painting Miniature Figures in Acrylics

Miniature paintings are all the rage these days and you see them making an appearance in more and more houses on all those small walls that every house seem to have. Miniature paintings make it possible to own an original art work (or possibly even more!) by your favorite artist, without breaking the bank. Another fun concept in decorating, is to collect a number of small paintings by a variety of artists and to hang them on one wall. This makes for a very interesting conversations when visitors come over. We paint a set of two miniature paintings in today's blog. I used acrylics and ink, leaving a lot of the detail out of the painting, 'forcing' the viewers to involve themselves in the paintings and to complete the illusion of figures.

I start on 2 small canvasses that come prepared with a triple layer of gesso. The canvasses are A6 size, or 105 x 150 mm each.

I use a red, a yellow and white to paint the backgrounds.

I paint the sides of the canvasses red.

Then I paint all along the edges of the canvasses with the same colour.

The centers are painted yellow, slightly mixing the red and yellow where they meet.

I then use a palette knife to scrape some white onto the centers in blocked patches.

To paint the clothes of the figures, I will need a light blue, a darker blue, a purple and an intense pink.

I start the first skirt with dark blue.

The second skirt is started with purple. I make sure not to repeat the same lines for the two skirts.

I then add light blue to the first skirt.

I decide that the skirt has become too light and add some more of the dark blue.

I also dab some dark blue in the area where the head will be.

I add pink to the second skirt and dab some where the head will be.

I return to my palette knife to add some white highlights to the first skirt.

I do the same on the second skirt.

I then find dark blue ink and a dip pen to draw the remainder of the painting.

Simple lines complete the first figure.

Similar lines complete the second figure.

I now have two pretty little paintings to hang in someone's house. Contact me at if you are interested in purchasing this pair. The set of two sells for R250. Free delivery in the Gauteng area.

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