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Friday, 27 February 2015

Making Sour Cream and Chive Dip

I love dips, but I am seldom satisfied by the quality of the dips available on the store shelves. That is why I have started experimenting with making my own dips. This one in particular is a firm favourite.

I start by harvesting some fresh chives from my herb garden. Store bought will do nicely as well. I pick a whole bushel and chop it very fine.

 I empty a whole tub of cultured cream/creme fraiche in a mixing bowl and add my chopped chives.

Now I add a whole tub of sour cream to the mix.

I mix it all together with a blender (or a whisk).

Next I add Lemon Salt to taste.

Lastly I add freshly ground black pepper corns before I mix everything one last time.

The mix is enough to fill two medium sized bowls. As a final touch, I add a fresh mint sprig from the garden, before setting it out.

On this particular occasion, I used the dip as an accompaniment to a salad platter I had made, but it goes equally well with chips or biscuits as well.

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