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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Decoupage with Fabric

Everyone is always carrying on about decoupaging with tissue paper, or serviettes or any other paper you can imagine, but did you know you can decoupage fabric with equal success? In this BLOG, I decoupage the covers of a masonite album with fabric. The album is intended to be used as an art journal and is slightly bigger than A4.

I start the project by cutting the fabric slightly bigger than the board I wish to cover. I then proceed to cover one of the two boards that make up the album, completely with Acrylic Gel Medium. I use a large flat brush that will cover the board quickly since this medium dries fast.

I follow this up by carefully positioning my fabric over my board. If the fabric makes bubbles or creases, you can work it out by gently rolling a foam roller over it. Wash the roller immediately to avoid it getting clogged by the gel medium.

The next step is to cover the fabric with the same gel medium. Again I work quickly with my flat brush. With this done, I lay the album cover aside to dry thoroughly before I continue.

Once everything has completely dried, I trim the excess fabric away with a pair of sharp scissors. I also use sharp point scissors to re-open the holes that were covered by the fabric.