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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Galllery Guidelines for Scholars

Gallery Guidelines

Please take note:  All work has to be the original work of the artist.  A Pretty Talent will not accept or share responsibility for plagiarism or copying in any form of another person’swork, regardless the format.

This section is open for senior scholars only (Grade 10 -12) who are seriously considering a career in art.

Follow these simple steps to have your work displayed in the Gallery on A Pretty Talent.
Send an emailto withthe following information:
  1. The name under which you market your art;
  2. Your year of birth;
  3. Scan a copy of your latest report from the school as proof that you are enrolled in a school and in the required grades.
  4. Scan a copy of a letter where your parents/guardians consent to your participation in the oppportunity.
  5. Good quality photos  of your work. (do not reduce the pixels to make the files smaller) of your completed works (1 photo of each piece):
5.1            You should pick a selection of your best work. Do not send any work that will reflect badly upon yourself as a serious artist. This is the first step toward establishing yourself in a career you might choose to pursue. I will not select your best works. Scholars are encouraged to seek the assistance of their teachers in this matter.
5.2            Photos must be taken in good lighting conditions. Get as close as possible to the photo. The painting should fill the whole frame of the photo, preferably touching all 4 sides in the lens.  If this is not possible, the photo should be cropped on the computer;
5.3            No part of the painting may be cut off from the photo;
6.  If the files are too big to fit into one email, you can send more than one email;
7.  The title and details of each work must be clearly indicated (size, weight, framed/unframed, medium(s), surface, price plus 25% commission, any other relevant information (such as inspiration etc.);
8.  2 or 3 sentences about yourself as artist. Do NOT disclose any information which is too personal;
9. The subject line of the email must be your Artist name.
10. We charge 25% commission on sales of work.
If you sell the work privately, we require that you inform us immediately so that we can keep the stock registers current. You can use the same email to send me a photo and the detail of another piece you would like to put in the Gallery.
11.  The art remains with you and if it is sold, I will arrange with you to have it delivered either to A Pretty Talent, or to the client. Packaging, posting/delivery is to be paid by the client/buyer and is automatically calculated at checkout.
12. I may approach selected scholars with an opportunity to add their work to the main gallery. This is solely at my discretion and can not be requested.
13.  We actively work towards promoting artists and their works on various websites, social media and other platforms.  The artists will be informed of these actions, where possible.
14.  We reserve the right to market your work as widely as possible.
If your work is selected for display in the Gallery, you must create an account on the shop.  This does not require any money.  It will simply ensure that we have all the necessary contact and shipping details on file when orders are placed.  You will be given an option to receive promotional material from the site.  You are welcome to untick this option, if that is your preference.  However, your own work may also appear on this material.
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