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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Sewing a Pair of Flowing Holiday Pants

I will be leaving for a holiday at the coast soon and I've been looking for some loose-fitting, free-flowing pants made from a lightweight material to wear on the beach for our early morning walks there. You see, the friends I am going with have a black Labrador crossbreed who makes sure we do not get to lie in, but insists on waking us in time for sunrises and spectacular beach scenes. Why do we put up with it? The enthusiasm with which this lady greets each day is simply contagious, making the bed seem a lot less fun than being out and about with her. Like, Quinny, I also like to get my feet wet and wade into the shallow surf. Inevitably that leads to me getting soaked by unexpected big waves and that is why I need some pants that will dry fast and wear patiently. Not finding what I like in the shops, I made myself a pair in less than an hour. I'll show you how easy this is to do.

Cut out a very basic pattern for pants, but extend it to the sides so it is nice and wide. Drop your crotch about 3 cm as well. If the pattern does not have a foldover waistline, extend the waist to the top to allow for folding it over an elastic. I prefer cutting the back first as it is slightly larger than the front.

Lay the back on top of the fabric and use it as a pattern to cut the front from. Only crotch of the front needs to be shortened with about 2 cm. I take that in and pin it on the back before I cut the front.

Overlock all four pieces of fabric. Pin the front crotch seam together and sew. Now pin the back crotch seam together and sew.

Pin the side seams together and sew. Both sides.

Pin the inner leg seams together. Start by lining up the crotch seams at the center and pin outward to both sides.

Start at one leg's hem, sew through the crotch and end at the opposite leg's hem.

Hem the trouser legs. Usually I would do a double hem, folding the fabric over twice, but this time I want the pants to move freely and I am avoiding creating any thickness that will stiffen it.

Pin all four seam at the waist first when you fold the waist over to sew the channel for the elastic. Then pin the rest of the waist.

Sew the waist.

Leave a small opening to thread the elastic through.

Measure the elastic to the required length with a 2 cm overlap. Grab the elastic with your Bodkin.

Use the Bodkin to thread the elastic through the waistband.

When the Bodkin comes out at the other end, grab both ends in the Bodkin before threading the elastic in properly. This avoids mishaps where one end disappears into the waistband.

You can set your machine to zigazag to secure the elastic. I prefer this stitch on my machine that makes 3 small stitches in each zigzag line.

Lie the ends of the elastic flat upon each other and sew to secure them. You can now sew the small opening closed.

Are these not the easiest pants to sew?

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