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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Baking Corn Bread

I love everything made with corn, be it chips, pap, or bread. The rest of my family are much the same. This is why baking corn bread is such a hit and I return to this family favorite every so often. Never baked it before? You will not believe how easy it is.

Start by sifting the dry ingredients together: 4 cups (4 x 250 ml) flour, 6 teaspoons (30 ml) of baking powder and 2 teaspoons (10 ml) of salt.

In a measuring jug, measure off 120 ml milk and 50 ml cooking oil. Add two eggs and whisk everything together. When the kids drop in, I put them to use and this little lady had great fun with the whisk.

Add wet ingredients to the dry ones. Add 2 cups (500 ml) of sweetcorn and stir with a wooden spoon or knife. I use my homemade sweetcorn, but you can add tinned sweetcorn as well.

Put the mixture in your baking pan and bake at 200 °C for about 30 min. It may take slightly longer when you are making a big loaf.

Remove from the oven when the testing pin comes out clean, they are brown at the top, and they are pulling away from the sides of the pan. Optional: sprinkle grated cheese on top and put back in the oven long enough to melt the cheese.

Cool on a wire rack to the point where it can be handled by hand without scalding yourself. This is when they are best to serve.

Serve with a dollop of butter. You can use either sweet or savory condiments with this recipe.

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