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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Mixing Non-Drying Clay

I get very frustrated by how quickly the salt-based clay dries out. The kids are too young to remember to return the dough to the bags and then it dries out before the adults notice it. That is why I went in search of recipes for non-drying clay. This recipe has glycerine added to the mix which presumably will prevent it from drying out. It also has a substantial quantity of cooking oil mixed in there. No cooking required.

Start by measuring 4 cups (4 x 250 ml) flour into a large mixing bowl.

Add 1 cup (250 ml) salt.

Mix the salt and the flour well before adding the wet ingredients.

Add 8 dessertspoons of cooking oil and 8 dessertspoons of water.

Add 2 1/2 dessertspoons of glycerine.

Mix this well. The mixture should have a dry crumbly consistence.

Keep adding 4 dessertspoons of oil and 4 of water until you have added 24 of each in total. This makes the mixing much easier. Stop of your mixture can be rolled into a pliable ball - even if you have not added the full 24 dessertspoons of each yet.

Adding colour is optional. If you are going to add colour, decide how many colours you will mix. I am mixing 6 colours.

Divide the dough into the amount of colours you will be mixing.

Take one ball of dough out at a time and drop a few drops of food coloring on it. Mix the colour in by kneading the dough thoroughly. Do this with each ball and colour in succession.

I then divided each coloured ball into three as I was making clay for three children.

The clay was placed in a plastic bag and tied with a string. Never miss an opportunity for kids to learn how to tie bows and strings. This is a great back-to-school gift for any young child.

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