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Friday, 8 January 2016

Baking and Decorating a Minnie Mouse Cake Part 2

Today we will be decorating a Minnie Mouse birthday cake for a four year old. In yesterday's blog we baked the cake and shaped it. Today we will fill it, dirty ice it and then cover it with fondant. I'll walk you through this very easy process.

Even though this was a single layer cake and I was under strict instructions not to bake too big a cake (as nobody wants to sit with excess cake shortly before Christmas!), I decided that the cake would simply not be tasty enough as is. I therefore made a very thick custard and allowed it to cool completely.

I very carefully cut the cake(s) in half.

Removing the top(s), I filled the cake with the thick custard.

I then returned the tops to the cake. I now had much higher hopes for the cake being tasty.

I had some mixed icing on hand and used this to dirty ice the cake with. This prevents the fondant from drying out and cracking and it also helps the fondant to stick to the cake.

I had most of the colors for the projects pre-mixed from earlier cake decorating projects, excepts for the pink. I started with black, kneading it and rolling it out very thinly.

I then rolled the fondant onto the roller.

I rolled it onto the cake and used my fingers to shape it around the cake.

I like using a pizza cutter to cut the excess fondant away, but you can use a knife as well.

I used a fondant tool to shape Minnie's hairline.

Once I was satisfied with the shape, I pressed harder and cut the excess fondant away.

Next, I rolled out flesh colored fondant.

I used the roller to put it onto the cake.

The pizza knife was once again used to cut the excess away.

I very carefully lifted the black fondant to lay it on top of the flesh color. In retrospect, I should have done the flesh first.

I rolled out White fondant.

I used a small oval dish to get the shape of the eyes right and cut around it with a pizza cutter.

The eyes were laid in place.

I used a small round cookie cutter to cut the pupils.

I then folded the black fondant double and cut the shape of the mouth on the fold so the two sides would be symmetrical.

The mouth was laid in place.

I once again used the small cookie cutter to cut the nose.

I cut very thin strips of fondant with the pizza cutter to shape the corners of the mouth.

Minnie still looks a bit stark and scary, but she is coming along.

More strips were cut to use as eyebrows.

The eyebrows were pinched off to the correct length on the cake. This is also where they were shaped.

I then rolled out red fondant to cut the tongue from.

Just that little bit of color makes the mouse much more acceptable.

It was time to mix the pink for the bow. I start with a lump of white fondant and add gel coloring to it in Electric Pink.

I wanted a brighter pink, but the fondant had become very sticky and wet. I therefore decided to continue the coloring process with Cerise Pink powder coloring.

Once the color was right, I sprinkled icing sugar on top of it to prevent it sticking to the roller and rolled it out thinly.

I cut a nice thick length of fondant for the ribbon itself and a much narrower one to tie around the ribbon where the ends meet.

Pinch the fondant in at the center. Fold one side of the ribbon in to the center and pleat the fondant. Repeat this with the other side as well.

Tie the thin strip around the center of the bow.

Roll two thick wads of fondant to prop the ribbon ends open.

I will push this in out of sight, but left it like this so you could see what I meant by the previous step.

Minnie Mouse is now ready to attend the party!

I simply had to include this photo from the party.

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