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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Launching the Gallery

A Pretty Talent has finally become too big to restrict it to Facebook users only.  As of October 2014, the shop has moved to its own URL and has become a full-fledged online shop with its own domain name.  We are very excited about this and hope that we will be able to better meet the needs of our clients.
As part of our growth strategy, we have also at long last opened up the Gallery section of A Pretty Talent.  If you had been following our status updates, you will know that this is something that we have been dreaming about for a very long time.  We want to welcome the first two artist to the Gallery and hope to soon see many more.  Welcome Andre du Plessis and Miekie.  You can already see their works on display in the Gallery.  Simply click on the artist to see more of his/her work.  Click on the drop-down menu next to their featured work and you will be able to navigate through all of their featured pieces.
We still have room left for many more artists to join the fold.  Follow these simple steps to do so.
Send an email to with the following information:
  • The name under which you market your art;
  • 5 Good quality photos (do not reduce the pixels to make the files smaller) of your completed works (1 photo each of 5 pieces);
  • If the files are too big to fit into one email, you can send more than one email;
  • The title and details of each work must be clearly indicated (size, weight, gfrmaed/unfraed, medium(s), surface price plus 25% commission, any other relevant information (such as inspiration etc.;
  • 2 or 3 about yourself as artist;
  • The subject line of the email must be your Artist name.
We charge 25% commission on sales of work.
If you sell the work privately, we require that you inform us immediately so that we can keep the stock registers current. You can use the same email to send me a photo and the detail of another piece you would like to put in the Gallery.
The art remains with you and if it is sold, I will arrange with you to have it delivered either to A Pretty talent, or to the client. Packaging, posting/delivery is to be paid by the client/buyer and is automatically calculated at checkout.
Frome time to time, I will approach artists whose work is featured in the Gallery, to write a few paragraphs about themselves, wich I will then post in this blog.  These artists then become the Featured Artists and we actively work towards promoting them and their works on various websites, social media and other platforms.  The artists will be informed of these actions.
We reserve the right to market your work as widely as possible.
If this has peeked your interest, please visit our Facebook page at:
You can also visit our webpage:

Andre du Plessis: Spitfire       Miekie: Sunset Zebras