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Friday, 29 September 2017

Sign Writing - Hout/Wood

I have blogged about painting the sign for the local charity shop here in Hondeklipbaai, Die Rooi Container, in a previous blog. This shop has also obtained a contract with a local supplier to sell its wood from the shop. Wood is very scarce in Hondeklipbaai as there are precious few trees around, and ulitmately has to be brought in from distant locations. It is therefore a very prized commodity for both locals, as well as visitors. At R35 per bag, it is still very reasonably priced and the contract ensures a steady supply. However, it needed to be brought to people's attention that the wood was available from the Rooi Container. I once again volunteered to write the sign. I show you how I did it in today's blog.

Les, the groundsman where I'm staying, once again gave me metal plate that had already been painted with two coats of white enamel paint.

I printed out some very large letters, which I then cut out to use as stencils.

I wanted to include an image of a camp fire as well and planned my layout accordingly.

When drawing a simple camp fire, you will start with two circles.

Turn these into logs, crossing each other, by drawing straight lines, extending from the circles.

End the logs with curved lines. To draw the flames, start with an extended bucket-shaped U. Fill in the top as shown.

Repeat a similar design inside the flames.

Add a couple of wayward flames.

Progress photo.

Trace the outline of the letters.

This is what it looks like when you remove the stencil/template.

Progress photo.

I then decided to make this a little more interesting, by drawing a small camp fire inside the O.

I used a damp cloth to wipe away the pencil lines at the top of the H.

These were replaced with flames.

I did the same thing with the U.

The T was given a drawing of a small fire on top of it.

This sign board also had to have its reverse side painted. I asked Les to mount the board on the frame so I would be able to see exactly which space I had to work with.

For this side, I decided to use the same lettering size, but to turn the letters into 'logs.'

It was very important that the sign should point visitors in the right direction and I accordingly added arrows to the sign.

I drew another camp fire.

I would paint the flames in yellow, orange and red.

Start with the yellow in the center of the flames.

Outline the yellow in orange.

Red is painted on the outside of the flames.

I used Burnt Sienna, Red Ochre and Yellow Ochre to paint the logs.

Start with the Burnt Sienna. Paint in the direction of the natural lines in the logs. The sawed off edges are painted in concentric circles.

The logs are painted in broken lines. I use the uneven brush strokes to create texture on the logs.

Shading is done with Yellow Ochre. The edges remain dark to create an illusion of round logs.

A very simple, but effective camp fire to attract attention.

The logs for the lettering is painted in much the same fashion.

The H is shaded with Red Ochre.

The O is once again shaded with Yellow Ochre.

The lettering is alternated in Red and Yellow Ochre.

The logs for the arrows are painted the similarly.

With the first side finished, I can turn the board over as the frame will keep it lifted off the surface. This means I do not have to wait for the paint to dry before being able to continue on the reverse side.

This time the lettering will be done in black.

The top legs of the H is left open-ended so I can pain the flames. The O is painted solid black.

The U and T is treated much the same way.

The arrows are painted.

I start the flames in yellow.

I continue in orange.

I finish the flames with red.

The logs are once again painted as on the reverse side. I now leave the sign to allow the paint to dry.

Now it was over to Les, the groundsman, to give both sides a layer of varnish to seal in the paint.

Finally the sign could be erected.

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