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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Paint An Impressionist Landscape in Oils

In today's blog I show you step by step how to paint an impressionist landscape in oils. This time we use a slightly different technique than what we've been doing up to now. After applying the oil to the surface with a palette knife, we get our hands into the thick oily paste and use our fingers to blend the colours. You will either hate this, or love it. I LOVE it!

I start by preparing the surface of a Masonite board with Dala Acrylic Gesso. This is left to dry completely. The board measures 1,22m x 60 cm.

Once the gesso is dry, I paint the board an earthy and neutral Burnt Sienna using Dala Acrylic Paint.

The land will be painted in three earth tones, ranging from dark to light. All of the colours will be mixed with Impasto Medium.

I use a palette knife to roughly place the colours where I would like them to go. I start with the darkest brown.

Here you can get a clearer idea of how and where I applied the paint.

I then use my fingers to blend the paint onto the surface.

I then apply the medium brown.

A better view of this application.

This is also blended in by hand.

The lightest of the browns are very loosely applied in only a few spots.

In this view you can see where I have put the last colour. I do not blend this last colour by hand yet. This will follow later.

I now prepare the colours that I will use in the sky. I use three shades of blue. I have an orange for my focus colour and a paler yellow to accentuate it. I also have a green to blend the blues with the warmer colours more naturally. All of these colours are once again mixed with the Impasto medium.

Starting with the darkest blue and working towards the lightest shade, I apply all three blues with the palette knife.

Here is a clearer idea of what I have done.

I come back in with the palest of my browns to blend the spot where the earth and sky meets.

Take a step back to assess the progress.

I now develop my focal area, starting with the orange. The yellow is added surrounding the orange to accentuate this colour.

Stepping back once more.

I now need to add the green to make the transition from blue to yellow, to orange, seem more natural.

The canvas is now ready to blended by hand again.

I mix the paint very carefully as I wish to avoid creating muddy messes in the middle of my picture.

The last colour to be added is Titanium White. I mix this with the Impasto medium as well.

The white is applied to all the spots where the Burnt Sienna of the background is still visible.

Stepping back to assess the progress.

Finally the white is also blended in by hand. I use a fine brush to sign my name and then put the painting aside to dry.

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