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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Sewing A Wide Skirt With Side Pockets

Sewing a wide skirt is possibly one of the easiest patterns to make. However, side pockets can be a little tricky to attach. I show you how to add side pockets to a wide skirt in today's blog. Following step by step, should make it easy for you to make your own skirt with side pockets without any difficulty.

I found the skirt I wished to make in this old pattern I had.

I had to be a little creative with the layout to make the pattern fit the fabric I had available. Another pocket would be cut out from the fabric where the pins are in the photo, so that there are four pocket pieces in total.

I start by sewing the center back seam, laying the back panels on top of each other with right sides facing.

I then lay the front pieces on top of each other with right sides facing and sew the center front seam.

Line the pocket up with the waist of the skirt and pin it to the side seam. The pocket and the skirt should lie on each other with right sides facing.

Do this with all four pockets and all four side seams.

Sew the pockets to the side seams.

Fold the pocket out from the skirt and press the seam towards the pocket.

Lay the front and back of the skirt, with right sides facing, on top of each other. Pin the side seams and pin the pockets. In this photo I zoomed in on the pocket to make it clear how it was pinned.

Here you can see that the whole side seam and the pocket was pinned.

Starting at the bottom of the skirt, sew the side seam up to the pocket.

Sew approximately 1,5 cm into the pocket seam and stop.

Drop the needle. Lift the foot. Turn the fabric so you can continue sewing around the edge of the pocket. Drop the foot and continue sewing all around the pocket until you end back in the side seam.

Here you can see where I ended back in the side seam.

Sew the casing together with right sides facing.

Fold the casing in the center and iron flat.

Sew the ends of the casing together to form a ring.

Pin the pockets to the front of the skirt, at the waist.

Tack the back of the skirt slightly to fit the casing.

Pin the casing to the skirt. Make sure you pin the pockets to the casing as well, facing forward.

Sew the casing to the skirt, leaving a small gap open to insert the elastic.

Pull the elastic through the casing.

Sew the ends of the elastic together. Sew the small opening in the casing.

I strongly advise sewing small pieces of ribbon onto the side seams to hang the skirt.

Pin the hem.

Sew the hem of the skirt.

The finished skirt!

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