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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Chicken Livers outa Africa

Not everyone likes chicken livers, but those of us who do tend to be passionate about it. Here is my own delicious recipe for making chicken livers with an African twist.

You will need a large onion, a pepper, and fresh, good quality chicken livers.

Heat some oil in a pan while you dice the onion. Lightly fry the onions when the oil reaches temperature.

Chop the pepper into strips while the onions are frying. Add this to the frying pan as well.

Having fetched some fresh herbs from the garden, chop these up finely and add this to the pan as well. I have used dandelion, thyme, basil and lemon verbena.

This combination of chopped products are always in the fridge and I love using this in recipes. Most of us are familiar with chopped garlic and a smaller number uses the chopped chilies. But few uses chopped ginger. Actually the chilies already have garlic and ginger in the mix. I add some more to get the balance to my liking. The chopped ginger is a little harder to find, but well worth the time invested in the search. If you can't find these convenient products, you can always chop your own fresh garlic, chilies and ginger. I usually do have fresh chilies in the herb garden, but neglected to plant any this season.

Add a teaspoon each chilies and ginger to the pan. Add two teaspoons garlic. This is according to taste and if you find that this mix doesn't work for you, adjust the quantities to your personal preference. I cook for people who don't like their food very hot and they still find this acceptable, which is always a good test for me who like my food a little hotter than most.

Let it fry for about a minute, allowing the flavours to mix, before adding the chicken livers. Follow this instantly with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Put the lid on, turn down the heat and allow the dish to simmer for a few minutes.

When it is cooked, turn the heat back up, add Amasi (approximately a cup full) to the dish and bring it to the boil. This is the African twist. I love using Amasi in my cooking and baking, because it brings a lot of flavour to the dishes. It is also a very healthy alternative, because of the live cultures in the milk which assists the body's immune system working as a natural probiotic.

Mix some flour with water and use this to thicken the dish.

Time to dish up. Serve the livers on a starch or enjoy as is.

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